So, Two Thousand and Nine is finally upon us…

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…and it probably feels like it has been that long since I last updated the site.

First of all, I should apologize for that. Work has gotten difficult and it’s been even harder to get access to putting up some info.

Secondly, happy new year! Hopefully, television will be around with us the entire twelve months of the year, rather than leaving us as it did last year (The supposed actors stick could throw a wrench in our plans though.) The effects of the strike have been looming for a while, but as I was informed today, there is some exciting viewing coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Let me get a quick recap of the big events in the land of TV since we last spoke:

  • ABC pulls the plug on Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone. An abrupt first season as well as sophomore slumps in writing led to these shows losing their audience. As anyone whose read the site before knows, I was a big supporter of Pushing Daisies and DSM. I never saw much of Eli Stone (I have season 1 but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet), but from what I hear the show had potential. There is some silver lining: Daisies may come back in the form of a comic book (ala Buffy and Angel) and perhaps even a movie down the road. The cancellation has left some time available in show runner Brian Fullers schedule. He’s moving back to Heroes which he ran in their highly successful first season.
  • NBC gets rid of the 10 PM drama slot, to keep Jay Leno. This was one of the bigger stories of the year. NBC, who built it’s drama department on ER, Law & Order and Dateline, in the ten o’ clock time slot, has decided to get rid of new scripted dramas in that slot and give it to Jay Leno for his own Tonight Show-esque program. The good news with the deal is Leno is a ratings winner and keeping him at NBC makes sense. Plus, this will give American’s who just can’t stay up late enough an opportunity to catch his brand of humor and the station. The bad news, well, Conan O’Brien is still seen as the latter host, which is unfortunate. The man is a comic genius. Secondly, this makes less programming per week for the net. Between eight being mostly reality (with the exception of Thursdays) and ten soon to be Leno, you have one hour to fill on a network that really had some bang in creative programming about ten years ago. Though something tells me we may get an NBC that has shorter seasons, fewer reruns and a lot more shows per year. Or that could just be me hoping for someone to pick up on the HBO/Showtime model that seems to be so successful!
  • Grey’s Anatomy has another doctor looking to hang up his scrubs. Word on the street was that T.R. Knight, whose character George I was a big fan off, has asked to be written out of the show after not having the greatest of storylines this season. No official word other than the usual “no comments”. Remember when people would talk about this show rather than all the backstage drama. And I mean when the storylines weren’t ripped off from the Ghost Whisperer.

There were other things as well, but these were the stories that gained my attention during the Christmas break, post the craziness that was sweeps!

I will be updating the site every Tuesday and Thursday to start. It’s only fair, since the PVR is empty, and the good times that are winter premieres are back.



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